Lucky 13 Group

Lucky 13 Group is the hosting business structure for everything involved with Lucky 13 and the plans of expansions within franchising, products, distribution, and development of new infrastructures and businesses who collaborate with us.

We have a professional team that carefully plan each year of expansion within the Lucky 13 Sandwich chain as well as what sort of internal upgrades are taking place.

Our main focus for 2016 will be developing a more centralized and backwards integrated supply chain that caters better to our Franchise stores and optimize potential on an island wide scale.

Soon you will see a whole new bakery branch be introduced to the Phuket market as well as our own branded coffee distribution - Mostly targeting the Phuket wholesale market, however also locally, store by store.

Lucky 13 Group is in rapid growth and we will be entering 2016 with a great level of ambition to reach a top spot in the Phuket hospitality industry.

Lucky 13 Sandwich

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